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A New Concept

p10Introducing a new and innovative concept of providing assisted living for senior residents living in Illinois.
A concept that has been embraced by most of the country for years, but has sorely been lacking here in Illinois.
A new approach for rendering assisted living services in the most appropriate environment … a single family home specifically designed and furnished for this purpose; one which is fully staffed by licensed and experienced professionals.


Simply Put

If you have lived in the suburban Chicagoland area, then chances are that your family… meaning you, your parents and children… have grown up in a single family home. A comfortable and reassuring place where you lived with your parents, or had raised your own children. Chances are that it was a comfortable house with a pleasant back yard, in a quiet neighborhood, where you knew your neighbors three doors down. A place where fond memories were made. Simply put … it was home.


We Make It Personal

With this in mind, why should advanced age or declining health interfere with this comfortable way of life? The answer is, that it shouldn’t. And it doesn’t have to any longer.
We now offer assisted living services in the comfort and convenience of a single family home, while under the watchful care of trained professionals. We have eliminated the hustle and bustle, the confusion and intimidation, of living in a large institutional facility, and have established small residential style homes that provide care on a truly personal basis.
Gone are the long hallways, daunting elevators, large crowds of strangers, all of which are inherent in commercial institutions. Instead of living on a busy street overlooking a parking lot, we are nestled in quiet residential neighborhoods that feature manicured back yards. We have replaced street noise and traffic with nightly concerts of crickets and dances of fireflies.
You will not find any crystal chandeliers, imported rugs or porcelain dinnerware. However, you will immediately sense the relaxed atmosphere, the warm attitude of our staff, the close and caring relationship with our residents, and the attentive nature of everyone involved.
In terms of hospitality, we are to Assisted Living what a cozy Bed ‘n Breakfast is to a Holiday Inn.


At Your Own Pace


Life at an institution happens in accordance with regimented schedules and time-tables. Everything has to be started and finished by a certain time in order for things to function.
Instead of conforming to a strict program, our residents live life at their own pace and according to their own program. No one to rush them to clean their room or serve their meals. Everything gets done when they want them done, not when it fits anyone else’s agenda. And if one refers to have breakfast in bed, then they will get breakfast in bed.


Difficult Decisions

It is never easy having to make a decision how to best handle a loved one who requires assistance with any number of activities in order to get through the day and night. Be that mere supervision that he or she remains safe and comfortable, and that medications and proper nutrition are taken on time. Or it may involve more demanding assistance with hygiene, incontinence, memory care or any other number of areas that he or she may require assistance with. In truth, the earlier that a decision is made, the better for the loved one.
There is no arguing that people, on average, are living considerably longer. Such longer life-span is presenting some unexpected challenges for those family members who have traditionally provided care for their aging parents. All too often, at some point in time, the parent becomes the “child”… a transition which is never easy.
Most individuals put in the position of caring for a loved one will attempt to provide this care as best as they can, for as long as they can. However, things seldom get better. In fact, the opposite usually happens. Aging, and the aches and pains that go with it, happen in one direction only. And while the care-giver’s intentions are based on love, respect and nothing but the best of intentions, rendering such care can and will become stressful for the care-giver.



There are many options to choose from when looking for a solution. We have been involved in all aspects and methods over the past 30 years, and have elected to promote this new concept which involves single family homes. We strongly feel that it is the most appropriate and beneficial means in order to provide the best possible care and attention, while above all, promoting safety and well-being for all of our residents… as well as a piece of mind for their loved ones.



Each home is specifically designed for this purpose, and features individual, private, furnished bedrooms, comfortable living rooms, inviting lounges, and informal dining rooms. Expansive patios and decks overlook lush gardens. In order to maximize on satisfying our residents’ physical and emotional needs, each home is limited to eight residents. Our ratio of care-giver to resident is the highest in the industry, assuring that every situation is handled promptly and efficiently; every wish and request is quickly tended to.




Our Story

Established in 1986, Golden Age was one of the first facilities in Illinois to introduce the concept of furnishing assisted living services to seniors. At that time, nursing care was the only option for senior needing any type of assistance. Many ailments and afflictions endured by seniors did not mandate nursing care. Combining nursing patients who were frail and required acute medical care, with those who merely needed assistance with activities of daily living, did not seem very appropriate nor effective to us. Nor did it really suit a senior not requiring nursing care. In fact, statistics have indicated that the physical and psychological well-being of a generally healthy person was adversely affected if he or she was in the constant surroundings of sick individuals.
p4With this in mind, we have continuously provided compassionate, dependable and effective care to the senior citizen residing at one of our facilities. We were providing the kind of care that allowed them to remain mostly independent, while receiving all the support and assistance that they required, without being mixed in with nursing care patients. This care generally consisted of  supervision 24/7, assistance with meals and hygiene, medication management, transfer assistance, and keeping them socially engaged. 

While our reputation, devotion and proficiency has remained consistent throughout this time, we have now inaugurated a new and innovative method of providing these services. We have learned that a large facility does have certain drawbacks and short-comings, no matter how diligent the operator of a facility might be. In order to function properly, strict time tables have to be complied with. Meals are prepared for hundreds of patients and need to be served quickly. Personal attention and response to specific requests always take a little longer. There is no time for staff to bond with residents, and based on a higher than normal turn-over rate, neither do residents have a chance to bond with staff.
This is not intended to be critical of our competition, but rather a fact that cannot be avoided or overlooked.


Service Area

 We accept residents from any part of the country, including residents of Hinsdale, Western Springs, Clarendon Hills, La Grange, Downers Grove, Darien, Westmont, Willowbrook, Burr Ridge and surrounding areas in Cook and Du Page County.

At Golden Age, you don’t live in a home … you live at home.